Our Processes

Enjoy a smooth installation process with streamlined efficiency and 100% transparency

Personalized Consultation Service

Step 1: We come and meet you in person. One of our experts will discuss your current goals and utility costs, then create a custom proposal based on the specific needs of your commercial property.  

Feasibility Auditing Analysis

Step 2: We’ll conduct a full analysis of your existing structure, checking to see if your utility company’s net metering policies are suitable for solar. Our advanced technologies allow us to get a deeper look into your facility’s potential to adopt a solar energy infrastructure. 

feasibility study analysis model
engineering blueprints on white background

Custom Engineering & Design

Step 3: Based on data accrued from our feasibility analysis, we craft a detailed blueprint for your solar grid, outlining equipment specifications and precise measurements. Your unique PV system is then custom engineered by a NABCEP-certified electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in engineering patented systems for NASA. 

Securing Grants, Permits & Licenses

Step 4: APC Solar secures all available grants and completes underwriting proposals, applicable permits, and licenses to install your system. Larger commercial projects often require extensive permit specifications. Our team works to deter any potential proposal rejections that may occur, saving your project valuable time and costs.

man writing sales commissioning paperwork
net metering approval document

Net Metering Approval

Step 5: APC completes all of the paperwork to get your plan set up and your net metering approved by the utility company. Before submitting paperwork, all documentation is reviewed with meticulous accuracy to avoid fees and make sure your solar energy grid is absolutely regulatory compliant. 

Determine an Installation Date

Step 6We determine a mutually agreeable installation date. We aim to work closely with you to develop a project timeline. Our rigorous internal processes ensure that your commercial solar energy system gets installed on time, under budget, and to the exact regulatory specifications. 

white worker helmet on a solar panel near a sunset
technician inspecting a solar panel surface with his hand

Full System Inspection

Step 7: Once your system is installed, APC completes a final inspection with your utility company for quality assurance. Every facet of your PV system is analyzed to maintain the highest quality industry standard. We provide system operation and maintenance (O&M) to your solar grid in order to ensure your energy goals are met and your solar panels bring a lucrative ROI.  

Third-Party Verification & Full Site Walkthrough

Step 8: You’ll get a full site walkthrough with an APC concierge who will explain everything you need to know about your new solar panels. We’ll give you confidence in your solar system’s reliability by providing a complimentary assurance check from our partner company, VeriWatt, an objective, third-party verifier. 

two men in a walkthrough explanation of solar development project

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