Providing turnkey solar solutions for businesses across the Midwest

The Difference? A Higher Level of Industry Expertise

APC Solar is 100% dedicated to providing the best-in-class turnkey solar installation services for your business. We’re a team of business owners, finance experts, property developers, professionally certified designers, and formally trained electrical engineers with decades of solar industry experience.

Our passion is to simplify solar, making it understandable and approachable. Budgets, timelines, profitability, projected ROI — we know what counts. That’s why we dig into the numbers, guide you through your energy usage reports, and help you find quality financing options. Get ready for a higher level of experience from start to finish.

Demystifying Solar for Your Business

Transitioning to solar energy can be an intimidating and complex process. We’re here to simplify it. Our experts provide hand-in-glove, concierge-style services to help you secure the best solar solutions for your commercial location’s unique blueprint.

We want to make solar understandable for our customers. Over the years, we’ve delivered real, scalable renewable energy solutions for businesses in the midwest, which have included clients like Hotel Hilton, Ballparks of America, and many others.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our core values drive us to continuously improve, delivering consistent, high-performance energy results for our clients. Our lead engineer, who holds over 80 U.S. patents in electrical engineering and over 20 years of experience working for NASA, will professionally review your solar project for quality assurance. Every rooftop- or ground-mounted solar panel gets diagnosed by an objective third-party verification company to ensure the highest energy performance possible. Using advanced solar auditing software, numerous checks and balances, and a great product warranty, your investment is secured for years to come.

We'll Help Raise Your Company's ESG Score

Environmental, Social, and Governance. It represents your company’s commitment to sustainability. It’s a growing financial and legal challenge for businesses (limiting access to capital or corporate partnerships) — one that APC Solar can help you overcome.

Our Values & Leadership

We value transparency, relationship-building, and high-quality workmanship when it comes to designing and installing high-performance commercial solar grids. At APC, our aim is to make solar energy accessible and profitable to our customers, educating them on their renewable energy investment and helping them meet their energy goals.

Turnkey Solar Development Services

Our services extend across industries and sectors, spanning from engineering, procurement, construction, and solar panel installation for companies, to project management and PV systems energy performance monitoring.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • EPC Solutions
  • Solar Development
  • Project Management
  • PV Systems Consulting