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Turnkey solar solutions for businesses in the midwest 

PV Engineering, Design, & Energy Use Audits

We design and engineer solar panel systems uniquely tailored to your business’ energy goals. If you’ve already invested in solar, our team can also perform a deep dive into your current energy performance and look for ways to lower your demand charge — a fee charged by utility companies to ensure they can deliver the power to your building during “peak usage” periods. Keep in mind, sometimes it’s 2x as high as a utility rate! Our solar system reviews are comprehensive and can be used to help lower your utility bill.

Professional Solar Installations for Businesses

With decades of experience installing solar arrays for businesses, we know exactly how to help them lower utility costs and improve their ESG Score (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Our team installs, tests, and maintains top-performing solar grid systems (roof-mounted, ground-mounted, canopy, and carport) on a wide variety of applications (on/off-grid and hybrid). Enjoy tax credits, minimal overhead costs, and energy independence.

solar array on a commercial building rooftop
solar panels installed on a large industrial roof

Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)

With an EPC contract, businesses can bring their dream solar project into reality. Companies rest easy, enjoying controlled costs, a fixed completion date, exact performance specifications, customizable PV system designs, and limited project risk. APC Solar delivers turnkey solar projects from the initial design and engineering to the installation and post-sale maintenance. 

Solar Performance Auditing, Diagnostics & O&M Services

Stay compliant. Stay profitable. We track your solar plant’s performance with accurate, transparent, and data-backed energy reporting throughout its operational lifecycle. We manage all of your solar assets during your solar system’s operation, providing refurbishment and even solar panel sale/removal assistance. Our partner company offers quality assurance on all installations, as well as in-depth performance diagnostics for your solar array. 

solar technician installing a panel on a solar site asset
solar development project engineering on a document

Solar Project Development

Stay on time and on budget with professional solar development services. Whether you’re constructing a new commercial property or you’re updating a pre-existing site, we’ll help you make the transition to solar energy. Our team of expert consultants and systems engineers delivers a profitable, well-functioning solar energy system for your facility.

Private Agricultural Solar Farm Installation Services

Farmers can lower their energy consumption costs and improve their operation’s bottom line with high-performance solar panels. Ground-mounted solar arrays help to capitalize on existing farmland, generating more clean energy to use or store as backup. Additionally, the team at APC Solar provides utility-scale solar project development and installs, repairs, and monitors large-scale solar plants for all industries and sectors. 

agricultural solar panels on farmland

Curious About Solar Energy?

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