Solar panel installations for factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

Generate FREE Electricity with a Solar PV System

Factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants consume large amounts of electricity to operate. Roof-mounted solar panels are the perfect way to lower utility costs and establish a clean, independent energy source outside of the utility company. Carport solar panels are another great option for manufacturers to generate free electricity while giving employees a safe spot to park their cars. Our engineering team will design, develop, install, and maintain your custom photovoltaic system to ensure a maximum return on investment. 

  • Lower Operation Costs
  • Protect Against Energy Bill Hikes
  • Improve Air Quality and Lower Emissions
  • Less Maintenance on PV Systems
  • Reliable, Independent Energy
  • Deduct Costs with Tax Credits

Solar Feasibility Study & Energy Performance Report

APC performs extensive research and data-driven feasibility studies on your manufacturing plant to determine the best solar energy solutions for your unique property design, electrical grid layout, and geographical location. We ensure your property is technically and financially appropriate for a solar energy system. We’ll identify roadblocks and begin the planning phase. 

Solar Grid Systems Approval

We’ll communicate with your utility company on whether or not a solar power system is achievable and work to identify any potential issues with your solar energy development before the launch date. Our team of experts will ensure that your new solar system is in regulatory compliance and is functioning at high capacity.

Commissioning Your Grid

Advanced design concepts and engineering methods are used to install energy-efficient PV grids that are unique to your facility. APC can commission your solar panels by ensuring your solar system meets energy performance standards and regulatory specifications, measuring PV performance, and diagnosing variances.

Why Choose APC Solar?

Our team of experienced commercial solar panel installation experts offers a full-scale, turnkey process of solar panel engineering, design, and installation. 

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