Sports Facilities

PV system design and installation for stadiums, arenas, and sports facilities.

Sport Complexes Benefit From Solar Energy Adoption

Sports complexes often consume large amounts of energy and are comprised of complex infrastructures that include industrial-scale lighting, HVAC systems, and more. Sports facilities and stadiums offer immense opportunities for energy-efficient, cost-effective solar panel installation. APC Solar provides turnkey, full-scale PV system design and engineering for sports facilities.

  • Lower Your Energy Expenses
  • Improved Energy Independence
  • Become Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Advance PV Systems Design

We provide advanced photovoltaic energy systems designing, engineering, and installation. Our exceptional team works with you to determine the best solar panel system for your sports facility, covering every step, from requesting regulatory permits to commissioning.

Discover Cost Effective Rebates & Programs

At APC Solar, our specialists will help you find cost-effective ways to finance your commercial solar panel installation. We’ll help you discover your eligibility for asset write-off potentials, competitive financing options, and tax incentives for installing solar panels at your stadium or sports facility. 

Why Choose APC Solar to Install Your PV System?

Trust a team that has been in the solar industry since the late ’90s, successfully designing, engineering, and installing complex solar panel energy systems for businesses in a variety of industries and sectors. 

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