Solar panels for farmers and agricultural industries

Benefits of Going Solar for the Agriculture Industry

Agricultural land managers can see reduced electricity costs, diversification of income streams, the opportunity to market to environmentally conscious consumers, and allow for nutrient and land recharge of degraded lands.

  • Extend Growing Season
  • Produce Shade-Tolerant Crops
  • Reduce Water Consumption

Get Amazing Results & ROI

So many industries report a great return on investment after installing solar panels on their commercial property, including those in agribusiness. Community solar farms can generate $14,000 to $40,000 per megawatt annually.

Agrovoltaics: Become Innovative

Agrovoltaics is the perfect, innovative blend between photovoltaic energy (strategic solar panel installation) and agriculture. APC Solar offers utility-scale solar farms, distributed generation, and microgrids to elevate your farm’s energy performance. APC Solar’s experienced staff an help you with every detail of your solar project, from the perfect system design to permitting and financing options.

Why Choose APC Solar?

Expertise and experience matter. We’ve been helping businesses install commercial solar panel grid systems since 1990, presenting them with cost-saving opportunities to improve their monthly energy expenditures.

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