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Frequently Asked Questions

At APC Solar, we get quite a lot of common questions regarding commercial solar energy. Here is a short list of the most frequently asked questions from clients. 

Yes, roof or ground-mount solar panels are worth the time and investment. You can reduce your reliance on the utility company and take advantage of federal and state-based incentives that shorten your payback period to generate a positive cash flow for your business.

There are many financial, as well as environmental, benefits associated with using commercial solar energy. Solar can offset your operational costs, create a reliable source of backup energy, and reduce your future electricity costs.

No, solar panels require sunlight to operate. External factors like clouds and shaded areas can impact how much solar energy is generated. Energy storage systems are used to keep extra energy to use on cloudy, stormy days. 

Commercial solar panels require little maintenance throughout the life of their operation, thanks to their durable tempered glass panes. You can expect a 25 to a 35-year lifespan for your solar panels.

Businesses can reduce greenhouse emissions, as well as air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter produced through electricity generation. With many companies promising to move towards a sustainable future, investing in commercial solar has never been more critical. 

“Net Energy Metering” is when an individual business is contracted with the utility company to produce and sell energy back to the utility to generate an income.