Third-Party Verification

Get your solar energy grid verified by an objective, third-party company.

Quality Inspections, Energy Audits & Performance Reviews

Discover whether or not your solar investment is performing as promised with objective, third-party photovoltaic system audits. At APC Solar, we quality test every turnkey solar project sold to our customers through an independent third party. Get the same services for your current PV system. De-risk your solar project with expert design reviews, or ensure the success of a new project with comprehensive solar engineering services offered by our NASA-trained head electrical engineer.

  • Ensure expected value generation is met
  • Enhanced solar energy performance
  • Lengthen asset lifecycle
  • Risk control & critical monitoring services

Pre-Installation Energy Audits & Assessments

Before you decide to invest in solar energy, our third-party verifier, VeriWatt, will perform a professional feasibility study, including a site survey and an in-depth energy consumption audit that showcases your property’s historical energy use data. If you’ve already hired a company to engineer your solar system, VeriWatt can review your blueprints to ensure they meet industry standards. We also offer full-scale PV system engineering and design services.

Operations & Maintenance Agreements

We take the stress off your back by taking care of your solar investment with cleaning, preventative maintenance, and performance diagnostics help. We’ll take into account any risks to your solar investment, whether operational, financial, or technical in nature.

Post-Installation Quality Assurance

When it comes to your solar panels’ structural integrity and energy performance, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our partner company conducts objective quality assurance tests that ensure every facet of your solar grid is meeting industry standards. The overarching structural integrity of your solar grid is examined closely. After the project is over, we’ll show you the results with a full site walkthrough.

Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Installations & Verifying True Performance Results

We’re a diverse team of experts, with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, construction, and engineering. We share one thing in common: a passion for solar energy. As business owners, we know where you’re coming from. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way, from the initial site assessment and installation to managing and monitoring your solar system’s future performance.

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