Get solar panels installed at your hotel to save on operations costs.

Generate Profitable Returns & Consistent Energy Savings

Hotels need to attract guests and reduce operating costs. Commercial solar installations offer the perfect way to achieve both of these goals. Hotels can save thousands in energy costs and take advantage of renewable energy credits, reducing their reliance on the utility grid, storing backup energy reserves, and create passive income by selling energy back to customers.

  • Boost Profit Margins
  • Save Energy Bills
  • Free Up Capital
  • Improve PR and Media Image
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Reliable Energy Independence

Enjoy a Quick Payback Period

With utmost precision and professionalism, APC Solar installs rooftop or ground-floor solar panels that can quickly generate electricity year after year, making your investment more and more affordable, even if you’re a smaller hotel or resort. 

Complete PV System Engineering & Design

From start to finish, APC Solar provides hotel owners with a tailored custom solar installation service, ensuring that everything from site assessment, permit acquisition, regulatory compliance paperwork, design, development, installation, and post-project monitoring takes place in the most streamlined manner possible. 

Why Choose APC Solar?

Expertise and experience matter. We’ve been helping businesses install commercial solar panel grid systems since 1990, presenting them with cost-saving opportunities to improve their monthly energy expenditures.

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