Tribal Land

APC provides solar panel installation & development for tribal lands and reservations.

Grow Your Solar Investment Over Time

We help provide equitable access to energy for indigenous communities. We assist with every step of the solar grid installation and development process, from financing, permitting, and feasibility analysis to precise solar panel installation.

  • Self-Sufficient Electricity Generation
  • Earn Revenue to Cover the Cost of Setup
  • Project Finance Structures Tax Equity Incentives

Site Considerations

APC examines indigenous lands and their feasibility for solar implementation, everything from wetlands/waterways, soils, wildlife habitat, land use or building permits, cultural resources, and driveway access.

Project Ownership

The financing structure depends on the project size, scope, and available capital. The tribe owns the project, hosts it, and buys electricity for it. 

Why Choose APC Solar?

With APC, you get exceptional customer service from start to finish. Your commercial solar energy project is spearheaded by a team of solar industry experts, made up of experienced solar specialists and an award-winning electrical engineer with dozens of patented inventions in the NASA inventor’s hall of fame.

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