Industries Served

See why so many industries choose APC Solar for high-quality commercial solar panel installation. 

ground-mounted solar panel systems on a lawn next to parking lot

Commercial Properties

Commercial buildings greatly benefit from solar energy adoption. Moving forward, through the 2020s and 2030s, it will greatly benefit private businesses to be early adopters of alternative, renewable energy, if not for cost-effectiveness, the environment.  

Industrial Plants & Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial manufacturing plants that adopt commercial solar energy can prevent operational downtime, lower energy costs, deter energy loss, expand their profitability margins, and sustain a high-performance solar grid system with the help of APC Solar’s project management and third-party verification services.

agricultural solar farmland next to cows grazing in field


Agricultural operations like poultry and dairy farms use tons of electricity but have large, spacious roofs as well as unused pastures perfect for solar panel systems. Solar energy can help cut operational costs and open up more financial resources to be leveraged for your farm. 

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities, stadiums, and ballpark venues use massive amounts of electricity. APC Solar is here to help lower those costs and improve profitability with effective solar energy design, development, and installation.

solar panel on a sports field stadium
Kindergarten school with solar panel rooftops

Universities & Schools

Schools, whether K-12, colleges, or universities, are filled with great opportunities for cost-effective solar energy panel installation. APC Solar works to help streamline the commercial project process from start to finish. 

Tribal Land & Reservations

Indigenous peoples have had a history of inequitable access to energy. Tribal lands can experience enormous benefits by adopting advanced solar energy grids. APC Solar’s team of experts can help install a profitable and sustainable renewable energy system for your reservation.

scenic lake in nature
aerial shot of rooftop solar panels on a hotel building

Hotels & Resorts

Commercial solar panels offer a cost-effective way for companies in the hospitality industry to cut carbon emissions, reduce electricity bills, and showcase an environmentally conscious brand to guests. Solar can offset peak-use times during daylight hours and offer a reliable, steady source of backup energy. Not only that, but with electric vehicle ownership on the rise, hotels can generate passive income with EV charging stations. 


Casino operators stand to benefit greatly from investing in solar. Large rooftop spaces, lengthy carports, and numerous green spaces serve as the perfect locations to generate profitable, sustainable energy. With so many federal and state tax incentives on offer, casino owners can hope to see a rapid return on investment. Discover how APC Solar can help. 

Aerial downstream casino solar panels
government building with solar development

Municipalities & Local Government

Local governments and municipalities can benefit from professional solar installations. Solar gives numerous opportunities to uplift communities, create jobs, and provide a sustainable, consistent source of clean energy with rooftop or ground-mount solar panels. 

Religious Institutions & Churches

Our solar industry specialists can help you deliver clean, renewable energy for your congregation and local community. Save energy costs and gain independence from the grid by investing in commercial solar panels for your church, mosque, temple, or synagogue. APC Solar can walk you through your financing options, as well as turnkey solar services that work for you.  

solar panel on a church roof

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