Solar Engineering Services

Engineering small to large-scale solar grid systems

Electrical Engineering for Custom Photovoltaic Systems

Our exceptional staff of engineers design and construct tailor-made solar power systems based on your existing property’s location and power infrastructure. From beginning to end, we design, test, and build rooftop, ground mount, and carport solar grids for commercial and industrial-scale projects. 

solar panel installation tech performing routine maintenance on blue PV system

Fine-Tuned to Perfection

Panels, inverters, and electrical components are coordinated to produce the highest potential energy. Every detail is accounted for. We provide services spanning from land surveying, environmental consulting, interconnect application support, site civil design, structural engineering, traffic engineering, 3D visualization, and entitlements/permitting.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

To produce optimal results, we start with a client consultation and move towards implementing a site assessment, as well as a financial and technical feasibility study to determine how to best approach the project. Your current electrical grid is analyzed to determine the best type of grid system for your unique location.  

Fritz adventure park rooftop solar installation

Innovative Solar System Designs

Using the latest imaging technologies, we create realistic models of your would-be solar grid system. See your vision come to life as we walk you through the ins and outs of your custom solar installation. Your unique design is made using the most up-to-date processes in the industry. 

Why APC Solar?

Since 1999, our team of electrical engineers and installation specialists has served as leading experts in solar and LED energy in the Ozarks. With a customer-first approach that focuses on transparency and honesty, our turnkey solar solutions help people save money.

APC Solar Services

We offer turnkey solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial businesses, everything from panel installation, PV system design, solar engineering, asset management, and underwriting to subcontracting and consulting services. You can find what you’re looking for with APC Solar. 

Commercial Solar Installation

Professional solar panel installation for commercial projects
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Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

Turnkey design, engineering & installations for your solar company
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Solar Project Development

Developing your solar project from start to finish
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