Solar Project Development

Solar solutions for commercial developments from start to finish

Streamlining Your Building's Solar Energy Adoption

Developing a solar power project plan is a complex process — siting, permitting, land use, water rights, and more have to be taken into consideration. 

APC Solar offers a transparent, streamlined process that ensures the perfect photovoltaic system (PV) delivers the right amount of renewable energy to your new or pre-existing commercial construction. We’ll help you seamlessly integrate a high-functioning solar grid system into your commercial development. 

roof-top solar panels installed on an industrial warehouse building

Maximize Investment Returns for Your Project

It’s harder to add solar to a building once it’s been constructed. We work with property developers to take into account the electrical infrastructure of a building, including the strategic placement of inverters and circuit conduits throughout the location in order to mitigate line loss/energy loss. Our methodical solar development processes maximize profitable energy returns for years to come. We help you get the most out of your investment in solar. 

Permits? We've Got You Covered

Our team will review your system summary requirements, compliance documents, zoning requirements, applicable building codes, and standards for the IBC (International Building Codes). We’ll manage the complicated red tape so you can focus on your business. Our turnkey solar development services take the stress off you and your staff, making renewable energy achievable and profitable for your company.

permitting paperwork documentation
rooftop mounted solar panels at a tropical smoothie building

Assess Site Opportunities and Feasibility for Solar

We’ll tell you exactly how much you stand to benefit from solar and whether the investment is good for your commercial building. Our methodical, meticulous process of conducting feasibility studies and examining historic energy consumption is part of maximizing your project’s energy return. 

Develop Accurate Energy Use Goals & Full Project Plans

We’ll analyze your building’s historical energy performance and create a reasonable energy usage goal based on your needs, topography, and business needs. Our thorough processes are there to ensure that every crucial detail is accounted for in your project plan, well before we commit to installing your custom-built solar panels. 

solar panel technician inspecting grid with ipad
solar farm

Total Project Management

Don’t worry about the troublesome back and forth between utility companies, local regulators, and various third parties. We’ll handle the paperwork and evaluate the potential functionality of your custom solar energy grid. Every facet of your solar panel system is taken care of by a team of seasoned solar industry professionals. 

Build & Commission Your Solar Project

Once you decide on the project that best fits your needs, we’ll build it out, get through all the red tape, and turn on the power. You’ll get commissioned by the utility company as an energy-generating facility through a net metering agreement (if applicable to your location). No longer relying on the utility company, you’ll generate your own power. 

solar farm and blue sky

Why Choose APC Solar?

Our team of industry experts has been developing, engineering, and installing large-scale, complex commercial PV systems for years. We choose to stay at the cutting edge of the solar industry, leveraging the latest technologies and processes to complete ambitious solar energy installations for industrial, commercial, and utility-scale systems. 

APC Services

Every service you need in one place. We offer a breadth of commercial solar services, spanning from panel installation, post-sale maintenance, PV systems engineering and design, subcontracting, and project management to consulting and project management. 

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Solar Project Development

Developing your solar project from start to finish
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