Industrial Solar Installation

We design and implement solar energy solutions for the industrial sector

Solar Energy for the Industrial Sector

Solar energy can be leveraged by the industrial sector for a wide variety of applications: food processing, chemical production, mineral processing, and more. There’s tremendous potential for energy cost savings and improved profitability in the industrial sector simply by adopting commercial-grade solar panels. Industrial factories have massive space and equally massive potential for cost-effective solar energy adoption. 

solar engineering blueprints for an industrial manufacturing facility

Advanced Solar Panel Engineering

Our NASA-trained electrical systems engineer provides advanced solar panel engineering that is based on data collected from on-site feasibility analysis. We can help to produce solar-thermal power (CSP) technologies for a wide variety of applications, as well as low-cost solar collectors, thermal energy storage technologies, and well-positioned and uniquely designed solar panel systems on your industrial property. 

Industrial Solar System Development

We’re a full-service commercial solar panel installation company, covering permits, systems review approval, quality control, feasibility studies, design, installation, and commissioning of your solar energy grid system. 

solar panels on a modern factory building

Why Choose APC Solar?

Our team of solar industry veterans is well-qualified to create full-scale, comprehensive solar energy systems for industrial manufacturing facilities. We’ve spent years perfecting our craft and sharing our love of renewable energy by providing premier solar energy solutions.

APC Solar Services

We offer full-scale solar installation, project management, engineering, design, and consultation services for commercial and industrial solar grid systems.

Commercial Solar Installation

Professional solar panel installation for commercial projects
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Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

Turnkey design, engineering & installations for your solar company
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Solar Project Development

Developing your solar project from start to finish
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