Agricultural Solar Farm

Quapaw Food Service Authority

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The Quapaw Tribe’s partnership with APC Solar on the Agricultural Solar Farm in Miami, OK, marks a groundbreaking step towards a sustainable future.

With 844 solar panels and a system size of 299.62 kW, the project generates an estimated 444,413 kWh annually, offsetting 75% of the tribe’s electricity consumption. Leveraging the USDA REAP Grant, the Quapaw Tribe achieved an impressive ROI of just 7 years.

This initiative reduces their reliance on traditional energy sources and brings significant economic benefits, enabling cost savings that can be redirected toward vital community programs. By embracing renewable solar energy, the Quapaw Food Service Authority sets an example for other indigenous communities and agricultural organizations, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovation in pursuit of a greener world.


Quapaw Food Service Authority

System Capacity

System Estimated Production 444,413 kWh/yr

System Size


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Quapaw Food Service Authority

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