Rooftop Installation at Mid Town Ozark Square

The Venue on Brick

Project Details

APC Solar is proud to be the solar partner for Venue on Brick, Ozark, Missouri’s premier event destination. By harnessing the power of the sun, the space will be able to power its memorable events sustainably for decades to come.

The solar power system implemented by APC Solar for Venue on Brick consists of 105 solar panels, with a system size of 42.92 kW. This system is estimated to produce approximately 62,224 kWh of clean energy annually, which will offset an impressive 95% of Venue on Brick’s electricity consumption.

By partnering with APC Solar and capitalizing on the utility company’s solar rebate incentives, MACRS depreciation eligibility, and potential USDA REAP grant, Venue on Brick demonstrates its commitment not only to environmental sustainability but also to smart financial decision-making. The solar investment offers both immediate and long-term financial benefits while aligning with the venue’s sustainable values, making it a win-win proposition for Venue on Brick and the Ozark community.



The Venue on Brick

Project Types

System Capacity

62,224 kWh

System Size

42.92 kW

Solar Panels


Estimaged Power Savings

The Venue on Brick

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