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Advantage Terrafab

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Advantage TerraFab Producing Renewable Energy

APC Solar is thrilled to partner with Advantage TerraFab, a leading manufacturer of fabricated steel in Oklahoma, to unleash the power of solar energy. With a robust 380 kW system and 855 solar panels, Advantage TerraFab is making a significant impact on its operations and the environment. This commercial solar installation is estimated to offset $45,600 of annual electricity costs, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. With an estimated ROI of just 5.8 years, Advantage TerraFab is embracing renewable energy solutions while maximizing its financial advantages through Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and MACRS Depreciation. Together, we are driving positive change, empowering businesses to thrive and lead the way in sustainability.


Advantage Terrafab

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Solar Panels


Estimaged Power Savings

$45,600 / Annually
Advantage Terrafab

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