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Mayse Automotive Group

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The Mayse Automotive Group APC Solar Installation project signifies Mayse Automotive Group’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. Through a strategic partnership with APC Solar, the project incorporated ground mount and rooftop solar panels in two phases. This comprehensive approach maximized energy generation and optimized space utilization. The installations resulted in substantial energy savings, reduced carbon footprint, and financial benefits. Mayse Automotive Group’s visionary leadership in embracing clean energy solutions positions them as industry pioneers, driving the transition towards a sustainable future in the automotive sector.

The Mayse Automotive Group APC Solar Installation project showcases Mayse Automotive Group’s dedication to environmental responsibility and their partnership with APC Solar, a leading provider of solar energy solutions. The project was executed in two phases, combining ground mount and rooftop solar panels to harness renewable energy efficiently. The hybrid approach ensured optimal energy generation while utilizing available space effectively.


Mayse Automotive Group


Project Types

System Capacity

561,952 kWh

System Size


Solar Panels


Estimaged Power Savings

75% Meter One & 28% Meter Two
Mayse Automotive Group

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