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Circle M Poultry Farm

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The “Circle M Poultry Farm” in Seligman, MO, is a remarkable showcase of sustainable energy solutions. Installed by APC Solar in October 2022, the 99.75 kW system, comprising 285 panels, impressively offsets 92% of the farm’s energy needs with an estimated annual production of 155,073 kWh. Leveraging incentives like the USDA REAP Grant, Federal Tax Credit, and MARCS Depreciation, the project boasts a swift 5.9-year payback period. With monthly savings now totaling $977, and an average utility bill of only $177, the farm experiences substantial financial benefits. Over its 30-year lifetime, the project is projected to save a staggering $500,000 in energy costs, further emphasizing its positive impact on both the environment and the bottom line.

The project’s impact on the poultry farm’s value extends beyond immediate financial returns, playing a crucial role in bolstering its reputation as a sustainable and eco-conscious enterprise. By integrating renewable energy solutions into their operations, the farm demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship, drawing positive attention from customers, stakeholders, and the wider community.

In conclusion, the APC Solar “Circle M Blue Farm” project portfolio is an inspiring case study that exemplifies the potential of solar energy to enhance the value and competitiveness of a poultry farm. Through a harmonious blend of innovation, financial prudence, and environmental responsibility, this solar installation stands as a testament to the unlimited value that renewable energy can offer to businesses, communities, and the planet alike.

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Circle M Poultry Farm

System Capacity

155,073 kWh

System Size

99.7 kW

Solar Panels


Estimaged Power Savings

$977/month | $600,000 lifetime savings

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Circle M Poultry Farm

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