Commercial Building Solar Investment

FORVIS / Jared Enterprises

Project Details

FORVIS, one of the largest U.S. accounting and advisory firms, specializing in consulting, tax, assurance, and accounting outsourcing solutions, made a strategic investment decision by partnering with APC Solar for a rooftop solar installation project. This investment aligned with FORVIS’s commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions to its clients, which include businesses, government entities, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals.

Recognizing the potential for significant cost savings and a greener energy footprint, FORVIS identified their building in downtown Springfield, MO as an ideal candidate for a solar installation. The building, owned by Jared Enterprises, was grappling with high demand charges that resulted in unpredictable spikes in energy expenses every month.

To address this challenge, APC conducted a thorough energy analysis, examining the building’s energy consumption patterns and identifying areas for optimization. Using the data provided by APC Solar and leveraging its expertise in financial analysis, FORVIS determined that a rooftop solar installation, in collaboration with APC Solar, would offer the most favorable return on investment.

FORVIS’s strategic investment in the APC Solar rooftop solar installation project demonstrates its dedication to providing value-added services to its clients. By investing in sustainable energy solutions, FORVIS enhances its reputation as a trusted advisor and partner in assisting businesses and organizations in achieving their financial and environmental goals.


FORVIS / Jared Enterprises

System Capacity


System Size

464 Solar PV Modules (149 kW)

Solar Panels

320 W Monocrystalline

Estimaged Power Savings

Case Study

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FORVIS / Jared Enterprises

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